100+ Organizations Join Marcus Rashford’s Free School Meals Campaign

Marcus Rashford’s campaign to provide meals to children in low-income households during the school holidays has so far been backed by more than 100 organisations, as Twitter took to the extraordinary work the 22-year-old Manchester United forward has done so far. appreciated

Rashford, who famously managed to convince the government to do a U-turn and provide food vouchers for disadvantaged households during the lockdown, saw his push for the same to happen at half-term and this week the government Winter Break is back by.

I’ll be with @FareShareUK tomorrow to support the real superstars, our volunteers.

Food banks have a very hard winter. Most are currently distributing 6 food packages per minute and we’re only in October.

To find out how you can help: https://t.co/531h85s22I

Thank you ♥️

— Marcus Rashford MBE (@MarcusRashford) October 21, 2020

Muttahida has refused to admit defeat. As well as volunteering at a local food bank, Rashford has continued to champion his cause on social media, with many businesses across the country offering to support his cause.

As noted by Sky News, Rashford has received support from no fewer than 100 different companies, ranging from local cafes and charities to pubs and popular restaurant chains, including McDonald’s.

Rashford has been sharing information from these organizations on his Twitter page, allowing fans across the country to know where they can find food if they need it during the October half-term.

Marcus Rashford to continue?

— AS Roma English (@ASROMAEN) October 23, 2020

What @MarcusRashford is doing off the pitch is absolutely phenomenal. Fantastic talent, fantastic person. ???

— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) October 23, 2020

Incredible work from @MarcusRashford ?

— Sevilla FC (@SevillaFC_ENG) October 23, 2020

Marcus Rashford’s timeline today is quite remarkable. His mother once struggled to feed him and now she’s helping to feed millions of others [email protected]

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) October 23, 2020

There have also been pledges of support from a number of councils across the country, with Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Birmingham and Doncaster joining the fight. Several London boroughs, including Lambeth, Redbridge and Hammersmith and Fulham, have also offered help.

Despite the influx of aid, the government has so far rejected calls to extend the free school meals scheme in the school holidays, insisting that feeding one’s family is the sole responsibility of parents.

Despite this, Rashford has publicly insisted that he will continue to use his platform to fight to support low-income housing, using his childhood experiences as inspiration.

@MarcusRashford’s timeline shows what this country is really about. People are uniting to help others instead of the tribalism and hatred that has torn us apart. We can have different views, political or otherwise, and still be respectful and kind. Be friends, not haters. ??

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) October 23, 2020

Dr Marcus Rashford MBE, defying the establishment and winning. pic.twitter.com/yLsN0Z9OAn

— Alexei (@MUFC_redarmy99) October 23, 2020

They thought they would give Rashford an MBE and he would go back to concentrating on his football with a new shiny title to his name. If anything, it has pushed harder since then.

He’s not just a credit to the club, he’s a credit to a nation led by people who don’t deserve anyone like him.

— Jordan Clarke (@FourFourJordan) October 23, 2020

“People have opinions,” Rashford said (via BBC ) of volunteering with FareShare. “Whether they fully understand what the family is going through is another conversation.

“Because of that, it’s easy for me to dismiss a lot of people for what they’re making. [negative] Opinions are so insensitive to this issue and they certainly haven’t been through it themselves.”

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