Eintracht Frankfurt fans riot and clash with police in Naples as chaos rages in Italy

The construction of Napoli Champions League Eintracht Frankfurt’s second leg round of 16 clash with Eintracht Frankfurt has been marred by violence and disturbances involving supporters and local police.

Frankfurt fans clashed with officials in central Naples on Wednesday afternoon after initially involving a group of home supporters.

Roads were littered with debris and fires erupted after glass bottles were broken, tables and thrown, while local shop fronts, cars and motorbikes were also badly damaged.

There were fears that the Frankfurt fans would try to stir up trouble in Italy ahead of their arrival in the country – there were problems in Germany before their first meeting – and authorities had tried to impose a travel ban. But a legal appeal saw people born or resident in Frankfurt allowed to buy tickets.

Photos and videos circulating on social media revealed the extent of the carnage, with at least 800 police officers on the streets to deal with the trouble, and even claims that Atlanta supporters have joined forces with the Frankfurt fans. Help them get around restrictions.

Trouble on the streets of Naples / CIRO FUSCO/GettyImages

The fire is extinguished as police officers look on / CIRO FUSCO/GettyImages.

Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo pleaded with fans to behave and focus on success on the pitch, saying the club “can make history if we manage to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time.”

He added: “We should all try to have a good day without misgivings or quarrels with anyone who comes into the city. Not only in the stadium but in the streets, squares, everywhere.

“As your captain, I ask you not to indulge in provocation. Let’s try to make tomorrow a day of celebration. We do not accept any kind of provocation. Everyone in the stadium should be calm and happy. With.”

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