Football teams backed by world leaders.

It’s easy to forget that people in power are just ‘normal’ people, isn’t it? Think of the confusion you felt as a child when you bumped into your maths teacher in the supermarket – not in his smart, green jumper!

‘He’s just an ordinary man, like you and me!’ Your mother told you, as you snapped your neck trying to follow her next move. Like our old school teachers, politicians are common blokes and so are women. And they are in the news right now, after Donald Trump created the biggest upset in history and Joe Biden became the next president of the United States of America. Some of them also like football.

But which team do they support? Well, here’s a shocker.

Masked Winger/Chesnot/Getty Images

Huge controversy surrounds it. French President Emmanuel Macron is a big supporter of Marseille – and many football experts believe he used his powers to help his beloved OM last year.

Marseille were second in Ligue 1 when President Macron decided to cut the football calendar, meaning his heroes booked a place in the Champions League this season!

How’s that working out for them, anyway?

Obama is forever blowing bubbles / Joe Riddle / Getty Images

Turns out, it’s pretty hard to dig up any dirt on Joe Biden, the newly appointed President of the United States. He is definitely into his football, and even attended the 2014 World Cup. One man who has nailed his colors to the mast is former President Barack Obama.

It is believed the American once sat down to watch a West Ham match with his sister, who lives in east London, and was horrified by the lights and bubbles that awaited him.

There is no pressure on Moisei but the former President of the United States is watching your every move.

Barry O also follows SV Darmstadt on Twitter for reasons.

Press conference after appointing himself Argentina Juniors coach/Pool/Getty Images

Alberto Fernandez, president of Argentina, is a fan of Diego Armando Maradona. Who would have thought it? Fernandez is a huge supporter of Buenos Aires-based side, Argentina Juniors, the club where the great Argentine star began his incredible career.

El Bicho now play their games at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, and President Fernández has also been named as an honorary member of the juniors.

Beautiful things.

The scariest supporter your team can boast/Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

A powerful, terrifying man supports a powerful, terrifying team. Then there is nothing new here.

Although not much of a footy nut (he’s more into martial arts and topless horse riding), Russian leader Vladimir Putin is reportedly a fan of Zenit St. Petersburg, and he’s not one to show his feelings about the team’s plight. Afraid

Putin criticized his club for playing too many non-Russians (shocker), “You have eight foreigners running across the pitch playing for Zenit in the Europa League, very well.”

Don’t get on the wrong side of it.

Possibly watching San Lorenzo on the big screen? / Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Pope Francis, the greatest power in Catholicism, is a big fan of San Lorenzo!

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known as the Pope, hails from Buenos Aires and has not forgotten his roots with the selection of the football team.

They may not be among the regular winners of Argentinian football, but with the Pope on their side, San Lorenzo can always invoke divine intervention in their time of need.

Spain’s lost talent / Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Cheat story, this. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has admitted his undying love for the red and white of Atletico Madrid, but he once donned the white of rivals Real Madrid!

He had trials with Los Blancos, and could have been a strapping star due to his height and physique, but decided to give up the sport and enter politics.

What can happen.

A member of the London FC hooligan group / WPA Poll / Getty Images

Surely he has braced himself well on the fence for that, hasn’t he?

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, supports all the London teams. How does it even work? How does he maintain all the results?

What happens when Arsenal play Tottenham Hotspur, or Chelsea host Fulham? Oh let’s face it, he doesn’t give a flying sausage about football, does he? Still, I’d hate to see half his scarf covering every club in London. Come on London FC!

Kim Jong-un recreates a photo of Andy Cole holding a rocket launcher / Anthony Kwan / Getty Images

When he’s not too busy spreading rumors of his own death or slipping into a coma, Kim Jong Un is a red devil! The North Korean dictator is a Manchester United fan, and has even ordered state TV to show their matches (possibly as a form of torture, we’re not too sure).

Maybe he likes a crack at the management game. After all, this Man Utd group needs to regain that fear factor, and who better than this man to drill it into them?

If I were Ole Gunnar Solskjaer I would be very upset.

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