Francesco Totti helps a woman wake up from a 9-month coma.

During his legendary career, Francesco Totti often performed miracles on the pitch. Now, it seems the Roma icon has also started performing them off the field.

In December last year, Lazio player Alenia Mattelli and a 20-year-old woman, Martina Oro, were involved in a car accident on the outskirts of the Italian capital. Martina – who was driving the car – was pronounced dead at the scene, while Elenia has been in a coma ever since.

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As recently reported by Corriere dello Sport (via La Repubblica), his parents tried all sorts of techniques to encourage him, including forcing him to sing the Roma anthem.

Then, with the help of coach Carlo Cancellieri and the Argos Police Forces Association, they got Totti to record a message which they then played to Elenia. Despite playing for Lazio, she is a die-hard Roma fan and, of course, raves about the club’s greatest ever player.

Tutti’s message was: “Alenia don’t give up, you’ll make it, we’re all with you.”

Here comes the incredible part…

Alenia woke up from a nine-month coma shortly after listening to the recording!

The story doesn’t end there either. Alinia’s parents are now trying to arrange a meeting between the couple.

“Dear Francisco, what are we waiting for? We are waiting to see you, Ilenia is waiting for you,” he said.

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“Your wonderful voice, combined with passion, the love that Alenia has always had for Roma, brought back her awakening, her smile so contagious that you would not be without her eyes full of light and joy. Can’t stay.”

The world is a bit of a mess right now. It makes up stories about the eighth emperor of Rome helping people out of comas. Well done my old mate Francisco.

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