Frank Lampard tells Liverpool not to be ‘too proud’ after Premier League title triumph

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard aimed to dig into some of Liverpool’s backroom staff after his side’s 5-3 defeat by the Reds on Wednesday, warning them not to worry about their Premier League title triumph. Don’t be ‘too proud’.

Jurgen Klopp’s side lifted the trophy after the game, and while it will dominate the headlines, the match also saw heated clashes between the two managers after Liverpool’s second goal, with Lampard particularly pointed towards the Reds’ bench. He looked disappointed.

Lampard and Klopp clash over Liverpool’s second goal / Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

It all stemmed from a challenge from Mateo Kovačić, whose tackle on Sadio Mané looked clear but was still ruled out. From that free-kick, Trent Alexander-Arnold stepped up and scored a beautiful strike, but it probably shouldn’t have been awarded in the first place.

“For me it wasn’t a foul from Kovačić and there were little things that weren’t going,” Lampard told Sky Sports. “On the bench, I have no problem with Jurgen Klopp, he has managed his team and it is fantastic.

“Some from the bench, when you’re winning and they’ve won the league, fair play to Liverpool, but don’t be too arrogant with it. You get emotional in match play and that’s what happened.”

Kovacic’s challenge appeared to be a fair one / Poll / Getty Images

It was disappointing for a Chelsea side who needed just one point to guarantee Champions League football next season. The referee’s decision didn’t help matters, but Chelsea’s defense was again troublesome, with goalkeeper Capa Arrizabalaga once again drawing a lot of criticism.

However, Lampard was reluctant to focus on individuals and was quick to remind his side that they were still in control of their own destiny.

Frank Lampard is a great guy.

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“They have to embrace. [the situation] And take it,” he said (via the club’s official website). Have been in the situation. It comes with a playing area for top clubs.

“Also, we should feel a sense of achievement to this point because at the start of the season not many people expected us to be in the top four races but now it is in our own hands.

“We’re at the Bridge, we have a really strong opponent in Wolves, but it’s up to us. I believe in the players. I’ve seen a lot in the last two games, especially with Manchester United and then Liverpool. That’s what we’re about. Those two performances have spirit and character and we’ve got to build on that for one more game in the league.”

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