Graham Potter has revealed that mental health has been affected by death threats.

Chelsea head coach Graham Potter has opened up about how he and his family have been subjected to death threats due to the club’s recent rocky form.

The Blues have won just one of their last 10 games and face a formidable task to top London rivals Tottenham on Sunday afternoon.

Potter has been criticized for failing to get more out of his talented, if highly bloated, squad. Speaking ahead of this weekend’s trip to Spurs, he revealed it hasn’t been an easy time for him.

“I’ve been sitting here for four months answering pressure questions. You have to accept criticism when the results are like they are. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy at all. Your family life. Affected, your mental life is affected, your personality is affected. …It’s hard,” Potter began.

As for suggestions he isn’t necessarily passionate or angry enough on the touchline, he continued: “If you go to work and someone is swearing at you, it’s not pleasant. If you’ve got the world Called the worst person. Club history. Everyone cares what people think. We’re working hard to stay socially connected. I want to be successful here. This is nonsense. I don’t care. My answer would be ‘Where’s your evidence on that?’

“Not that I’ll let you do that, but you can ask my family how my life has been for me and for them. It hasn’t been pleasant at all. I understand. Supporters go home. And they are really angry because the team is not winning but I can assure you that my life has been pretty average for the last three or four months, apart from the fact that I am really grateful for this experience.

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“I spoke to David Moyes about it. [mental health awareness in management]. There is a point but I think you need to be very careful. The world is hard for everyone. We are going through an energy crisis, at the cost of life crisis. People are on strike every other week. Nobody wants to hear about a poor Premier League manager.

“Yet if you ask me: ‘Is it hard, is it hard, is it good to hear?’ – As much support as I’ve had, I’ve had some not particularly nice emails wanting me dead and wanting my children dead. It’s obviously not pleasant.

“But if you’ve been asking about it for four months — four months I’ve been stressed, I’ve been stressed, I’ve been stressed, because you guys need to sell things — what do you expect at the end? ?And if we don’t get results, obviously that’s what happens, it’s football, you know there’s a problem when the email is sent from [email protected]

“You get hurt, and you get upset. When you’re private, you show real feelings with your family. My job is to try and act the way I think. That I have to do the best for the team and Chelsea. The integrity that is right for me. I never want to be someone else. I don’t want to be fake. I will be me. I will do my best and if It’s okay if my best performance isn’t good enough.”

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