Harry Kane Masterclass to Remember: Great Striker, Bad Goalkeeper

Few players on the planet are as good at putting the ball behind the net as Harry Kane. He scored goals with breathtaking ease and created countless memorable moments in the attacking third.

However, on October 23, 2014, he made a defensive third… and it wasn’t the best.

Asteras Tripolis’ visit to White Hart Lane was entertaining for Spurs fans. On paper, it always looked like it was going to be an easy win for Mauricio Pochettino’s side, and while they led 2-0 at half-time, the fans were already celebrating.

Kane was completely dominant in the attack / Clive Rose / Getty Images.

Kane scored one of those goals and added two more after the break. Life could hardly have been better but disaster struck in the 87th minute.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was shown a red card, and Spurs used their third substitute to give Aaron Lennon some pointless minutes. Spurs needed a hero to step up and try their hand in goal, and who better than the man who netted three at the other end?

Throwing at Lloris’ shirt, Kane’s first task was to keep out the free-kick. Clearly feeling a bit guilty, Asteras’ Jerónimo Barrales sent a fine effort low and straight at Kane. It was the kind of shot the striker-turned-goalkeeper was relieved to see come his way.

? OTD in 2014, Harry Kane had a moment to forget in the Spurs goal! ?

Don’t quit your day job, Harry? pic.twitter.com/mlJRe88hbI

— Football on BT Sport (@btsportfootball) October 23, 2020

Unfortunately, after spending so many years making sure all of his abilities went to his feet, Kane soon realized that his arms weren’t there to help.

He got his body behind the ball, but his arms weren’t listening and he blasted the ball over the line and into the back of the net to give Asteras a consolation goal after a decisive stalemate on 87 minutes. can be given

As chants of the England number one filled the stadium, Kane just stood there shaking his head. He had scored three goals but he was well aware that none of them would be mentioned in the headlines tomorrow.

Thankfully, his incredible performance in attack meant that no one cared about his crash between the sticks.

Enjoy this iconic photo/GLYN KIRK/Getty Images.

Well, actually, everyone on social media cared, and they continue to do so. It was popular.

Since then, Kane has stuck to scoring goals at the right end of the pitch, and to his credit, he’s England’s number one these days… just not in goals. Never on purpose.

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