Is there a star ahead of Liverpool’s title win? 90 Minutes asked Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville

Still a star.

That little symbol. Those football fans who don’t follow Liverpool will look back in the next few years and point to it, well, maybe, when discussing the 2019/20 Premier League title destination.

This is Liverpool’s trophy, no doubt about it now. The only question left is when they will make it official.

The Reds return to action after the suspension of the Premier League season at Goodison Park this weekend, knowing there is a chance they can confirm the title there, depending on Manchester City’s result against Arsenal. are, although they will have ample opportunity to do so. coming days and weeks.

Liverpool have run away with the title this term, but the suspension of the campaign, the dispute over whether or not to cancel the season, the rule change (five substitutions, you know), and the fact that it’s a completely empty stadium. will The opposition could give fans a little stick to take Liverpool’s success away.

Fans like Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville, perhaps? 90 Minutes was lucky enough to speak to the former Manchester United captain and his teammate, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, before the season restarts this week, with Sky Sports showing 64 live games until the end of the campaign.

Clearly watching both played for two great rivals, we couldn’t stop asking questions.

Gary, is there an asterisk next to Liverpool’s name this season – given what has happened?

Gary Neville gives his opinion on Liverpool’s upcoming title win / Alex Livesey – Dean House / Getty Images

Gary Neville:”[laughing] Not if I’m serious. I mean I’ll put one in there, don’t worry! Of course!”

Jamie Carragher:”[interrupting] I have 19 stars ready, we’ve done them all. We have 19 and each star will have a line – about ‘The only team to win 25 out of 27, the most points ever, the most successful team – there’s a t-shirt coming for you!’

GN: “It won’t be quite as natural as it would have been, but you can’t deny that Liverpool have been consistently the best team this season. They were unlucky last season and it’s been coming for a few days. The year

Had some top notch chats with @GNev2 and @Carra23 for @90min_Football ahead of the Premier League’s return tomorrow.

It’s fair to say Gary Pogba is convinced of the x Fernandes partnership…

Jamie not so much.

— Scott Saunders (@_scottsaunders) June 16, 2020

“We will see a weakness there and we will continue to push it over the next few years and maybe introduce a star at some point. But if we are honest about the football approach and the season is completed It will happen.

“The only reason you would do something against it was if it was decided by points per game or if it was at neutral venues – if the integrity of the competition and other things like that were broken. But the fit Ball intends to come back. From day one, and it will.”

Jamie, does stardom matter to you? How do you feel about the trophy lift without fans?

Mo Salah and Sadio Mane have been instrumental in Liverpool’s charge to the title / Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

JC: “Liverpool’s moment to win the league is over, in terms of that happy moment – whether it’s a goal to win the league, whether it’s at Anfield or wherever. It’s over. I think Liverpool fans Accept it.

“And rightly so in some ways, because I’m actually thinking about us (the fans). If Liverpool score a goal to win the league, how excited we’ll be, how we’ll comment because of the situation. Which we’re in. So it’s different, no doubt about it.

“But I think Liverpool are probably happy now that football is back and they can finally say they’ve won 19 titles – there were fears at one stage that the season might be cancelled.

“Liverpool are going to win the league, but there will always be people saying ‘you’ve never properly won it’ – that would have been nonsense but always considering how far ahead Liverpool are.

“It would be interesting if this was last season and City and Liverpool went head-to-head. They’d win the league in the next nine games, but in terms of actually winning the league against Everton – that’s what a lot of Liverpool fans want to do. are.

And Jamie, how does it feel to be back in football?

Carragher and Neville will be part of the Sky Sports coverage/Michael Regan/Getty Images.

JC: “I’m excited. You can say it’s no different than the ‘end of the season’ if you want, but with the end of the season, usually, and there’s no tournament, you know when the next season starts. is the one

“It’s completely different – so there’s a really big build-up, and it’s going to be a different sport with no pro. It’s not going to be the same and it’s not going to be as good, but it’s definitely going to be. It is better than what we have done in the last three months.

“The fact that there are going to be three or four games a day, it will almost be a mini-tournament, like watching the World Cup or the Euros.”

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