Jose Mourinho on Crystal Palace, the upcoming transfer window and team news for the 2020/21 season

Tottenham open their 2019/20 Premier League campaign on Sunday with a visit to Crystal Palace.

While there will be no Champions League football in north London next term, Spurs can finish sixth and secure Europa League qualification if they fail to beat the Eagles and Wolves against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Here’s what manager Jose Mourinho said during his press conference on Friday.

Dele Alli last played in a 3-1 defeat at Sheffield United / Alex Livesey – Dean House / Getty Images

Mourinho said Tangoy Ndombele’s players were all fit and ready for Sunday’s trip to Selhurst Park, including Dele Alli, who has been missing recently with a hamstring problem.

“Everything is good, apart from Ndombele, everyone is ready including Dele Alli.”

Asked if Ali was ready to start, he added: “Yes, working with the team all week. He is ready.”

Hojbjerg has been linked with Tottenham in recent weeks / MIKE HEWITT/Getty Images

Tottenham have been strongly linked with Southampton’s Pierre-Emile Hodgburg, and Mourinho laughed off when asked if a player would be brought in early during the window.

“A new player Monday? That would be amazing news but it’s just the opening of the window. We’re going in the right direction. Very calm, organized, measured, thinking about everything. We know what we’re doing. can, which direction we can go in, which direction we can’t go in.”

Son Heung-min and Harry Kane have been impressive / STU FORSTER/Getty Images

Mourinho gave a curt reply when asked if he was assured of the future of his star players, adding: “We are very balanced, we are together. We have no doubts about that. What we need, what is possible for us. Get

“Step by step we will end up with a better, more balanced squad, keeping the great players we have is very important.”

Formosinho shares a house with Mourinho during lockdown / Mark Atkins / Getty Images

“My second assistant Ricardo is leaving and he is leaving because he feels he would like to have one of his last chances, maybe because of his age, to be a head coach.

“I’m not going to say where but we all wish him the best. Who’s replacing him? I prefer it’s the club to inform you about that. But I prefer to go in the direction of local development rather than bringing someone with me.

“So it’s going to be someone from the club’s history, from the club, so let’s try to give them a chance.”

Mourinho replaces Mauricio Pochettino as Tottenham manager in November / Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Speaking about Tottenham’s run since taking over as manager, Mourinho said: “I’m fourth in the league, I’m 14th, eight points behind Arsenal, in the Champions League position. 12 or 14. The fact that I’m not important is important. It’s about Tottenham.”

Asked if the upcoming campaign would be a good one for Spurs, Mourinho added: “Yes, I think in this last period, it was very clear that Tottenham could be a very good team with all the best players. .

“They lost Lloris for a long time, and then Harry Kane. Now with everyone together you see the difference in stability, performance, results. We want to think that next season is not as negative as this one. If we’re in a similar situation. That’s what we’re trying to do, to protect the squad from unexpected things that you can’t control. Let’s try a dramatic situation. A better squad will be prepared as it has been during this season.”

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