Josep Maria Bartomeu resigns and reveals Barcelona ‘accept entry to European Super League’

Josep Maria Bartomeu has confirmed his resignation as Barcelona president, and at a press conference to confirm the news the club have agreed to compete in the ‘European Super League’.

The 57-year-old has opted to leave along with the rest of the club’s directors following a meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

?? Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu resigned!

— 90 Minutes (@90min_Football) October 27, 2020

His decision comes ahead of a vote of no confidence in Bartomeu at the start of November, a key factor in the resolution of Barca’s hierarchy.

The club’s top management tried until the last minute to get the Generalitat de Catalunya to reconsider its idea of ​​allowing the referendum due to health concerns amid rising coronavirus infection rates in the region, but the board’s vote Intended to hold. . Bartomeu confirmed the news to the media on Tuesday night.

His comments, as published by SPORT, read: “I am announcing my resignation and the rest of the members of the board of directors. It is a considered decision, calm and agreed by all my colleagues. .

“We have received a response from the Generalitat and their response is clear; there are no legal and health obstacles to prevent voting on this motion if the requirements of PROSICAT are included. The minimum necessary safety measures .

“Yesterday in my appearance I expressed my confusion over some of the decisions. Today I say they are irresponsible in addition to being inconsistent.”

Bartomeu drops quite a bomb on his way out… / Josep Lago/Getty Images

On not resigning earlier, he added: “The easiest thing to do was to leave after the elimination in the Champions League, but decisions had to be made. It had to be made in the middle of an unprecedented global crisis. A manager with limited tasks. Can’t do it. Who will sign the new coach? Who will defend Leo Messi’s continuity?

“We made uncomfortable and unpopular decisions. We had no reason to resign and work with the elections in March. It indicated that we had hidden interests, things to hide, and we were not endorsed.” Wanted to avoid. False accusations, politically and electoral interests.”

He admitted that the club would need to proceed with wage cuts or face a “very dire situation”, and remarkably signed with a bombshell.

“We have accepted to enter the European Football Club Super League. This acceptance must be ratified by the next assembly of delegates. We have approved the format of the new Club World Cup,” he added. Although they did not confirm if this will likely change. His participation in La Liga.

His departure is a sharp change of heart after it was reported on Monday that Bartomeu would not resign after a crunch meeting with the board.

Bartomeu has overseen a tumultuous 2019/20 campaign in Catalonia / Poll/Getty Images

Bartomeu has been under intense pressure at the Camp Nou after overseeing one of the most turbulent seasons in the club’s recent history. One that included an 8-2 European humiliation, two managerial departures and Lionel Messi’s infamous Bureaufox.

The 57-year-old’s decision will undoubtedly satisfy the majority of Barcelona supporters and apparently the majority of the game’s staff.

With Bartomeu out the door, the club can now set their sights firmly on going into a new era.

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