Manchester United Board of Directors suspends payment of 2023 dividend.

Manchester United’s board of directors has not approved a dividend payment to the club’s owners, the Glazers, for 2023.

United’s controversial Glazer ownership has reared its head again in recent days after the club announced last month that he was open to a sale.

A statement released in November confirmed that the club and its owners would ‘consider all strategic alternatives’ to sell the Glazers once again amid continued pressure from fans, their takeover in 2005. Demonstrations have come and gone since.

A statement on December 8 confirmed that the Glazers would not pay a dividend, before announcing: “On November 15, the Board of Directors did not approve the payment of a semi-annual dividend for fiscal year 2023. “

United’s board of directors is made up mostly of Glazers, with both Avram and Joel holding the titles of ‘executive co-chairman and director’. Kevin, Brian and Edward – all siblings of Joel and Oram – are listed as directors of the club.

The Athletic report that the decision is an economic one, considering the investment in the team last summer was in excess of £200m.

The decision marks the first time since 2016 that the Glazer family has not taken a dividend from the club and fueled speculation that a sale could be imminent, with the Rhine Group – which facilitated the sale of Chelsea in 2022 was provided. Financial advisors’ when they look for potential sales.

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