Paul Pogba discusses Cristiano Ronaldo’s mentality.

Paul Pogba has described Cristiano Ronaldo’s motivation as ‘insane’ and claims winning is part of the 37-year-old’s ‘character’ who is never satisfied.

Ronaldo has faced a backlash this week after an incendiary interview with Talk TV in which he slammed Manchester United, spoke of his lack of respect for Erik ten Hague and claimed That former teammates like Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville are no longer his friends.

Pogba first missed Ronaldo at United, joining the youth ranks as a 16-year-old shortly after Ronaldo completed his world-record £80m move to Real Madrid. But they played together last season before Pogba left as a free agent to return to Juventus.

The Frenchman insists Ronaldo is unlike any player he has ever seen before.

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“I see professional football players, many of whom are very professional, arrive early, catch all the stuff and stuff like that. But there’s somebody who’s there every single day and doesn’t stop. It’s Cristiano,” Pogba told the Muslim Money Guys podcast.

“That’s his personality, he’s a winner, that’s for sure. He always wants to be right, he’s never satisfied with what he’s done, he always wants more. His motto is: ‘I can do more.’ “I will do more.”

“His motivation is crazy. What I saw for a year when I was with him, every day is a new record, a new challenge for him. He challenges himself. He doesn’t look at others, he Says, I have to be better than me.

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