Paul Pogba talent wasted at Man Utd – Juventus can return to greatness with superstar in their ranks

In case any of us forgot during the hiatus in the football calendar, Paul Pogba is undoubtedly one of the most talented midfielders in the world.

In case we needed a reminder, the World Cup winner pulled one off in devastating fashion on Friday evening, relegating a flat-lined Manchester United side to nearly zero points in the space of 30 minutes. Changed to three.

Pogba and Bruno Fernandes during Friday’s game/Pool/Getty Images

It was surprising, but not in the least surprising, that one really good footballer could help ten other decent players look much better than their individual abilities. Pogba, along with fellow midfielder Bruno Fernandes, were head and shoulders above the Red Devils – and streets ahead of the majority of the Tottenham line-up.

The midfielder provided an injection of creativity, drive and flair to United’s play, and his grace and confidence radiated across the pitch, giving his teammates some much-needed reassurance. Overall, his display begged the question: How is Pogba not starting for this team?

Fitness issues, lack of match practice and a poor team performance before the break will be cited as reasons for his absence from the start. But given that nobody has kicked a ball in 100 days, match fitness and form should be irrelevant. So really, there’s little excuse to justify his exclusion from a slightly above-average (and that’s being kind) United team.

There’s no understating the fact that Paul Pogba is – and always has been – a generational talent. He is the most talented midfielder in the world.

— Jack Gallagher (@calciolovesjack) June 19, 2020

Time for a move then? Well, unless Pogba plans to spend the rest of his career twiddling his thumbs and waiting for a revolution that never comes, an escape route might be the best alternative. And in the case of backdoor boozing, the French may already have a neat underground tunnel dug to Turin.

One man’s loss is another man’s gain, and in Pogba, Juventus may be gaining the missing piece in their jigsaw. Admittedly, the midfielder was once an exciting cog in the ruthless machine of the early 2010s, but was deemed ineffective after the I Bianconeri underwent a bold rebuild.

Unfortunately, a midfield that once featured the French, Andrea Pirlo, Claudio Marchisio and Arturo Vidal is now weak, sluggish, aging and perpetually out of shape in comparison.

Juve have deviated from their usual formula of raiding the transfer market in recent years, making opportunistic, cheap signings that look great on paper, rather than addressing the needs of their declining squad.

Pogba in a star-studded Juventus team/Sergi Spinski/Getty Images

And the chickens are coming home to roost. Falling short of a trophy at this stage of the season is unthinkable for the I Bianconeri, and the thought of missing out on the scudetto – a fate they haven’t faced in more than eight years – is unthinkable in Maurizio Sarri’s bold new era. can spell the end of

Fail, and it can all fall apart. But unlike many projects, this one doesn’t take a lot of effort and expense to put together. From back to front, this team is loaded with talent, and the star-studded names just roll off the tongue.

And then of course there is Cristiano Ronaldo.

But while defensively and offensively this team is capable of competing with the best in Europe, it’s somewhere in the middle where it all melts away. Miralam Pjanic. Aaron Ramsey. Blaise Matudi. Rodrigo Bentacore. Sami Khedira. Adrien Rabiot.

Bentacur (Complete)
Ramsey (injury)
Matuidi (not technical)
Khadira (slowly)
Pjanic (better than Khedira and Matuidi but not playing his natural position)
Rabiot (very slow)

— Ok (@lomton) June 14, 2020

This list does not inspire hope in the supporters nor fear in the hearts of any detractors. The powerful, commanding Juventus of yesteryear, who could squeeze teams to death, are facing doubts about their demise.

It’s predictable, it’s pedestrian, and it’s painful.

Of all the names that have graced the impressive but evolving Bentanker, there is no one who can move forward with the ball, grab the game by the scruff of the neck, or have a moment of sheer individual glory. The result may change. There is no X factor.

This is a Juve team crying out for some drive, some creativity from the middle of the pitch and some flair. Where have we heard these words before? Yes, Pogba is perfectly fit. He is no longer the young, shiny jewel in the crown, he is the crown. He is the backbone. The real deal.

Paul Pogba’s game of numbers vs. Spurs (34 minutes played):

100% long pass accuracy
94% pass accuracy
4 Ball recovery.
2/2 take-ons
2 blocks
1/1 Tackle
1 penalty won
1 shot

Changed the game. ???

— Statman Dave (@StatmanDave) June 19, 2020

With a hard-working and tireless Bentancur alongside, and a tireless Matuidi (or even another fresh face, such as Sandro Tonali), United will be given the perfect conditions to develop and dominate games – and that’s it. More importantly, it will help restore the old. A woman for her former glorified self.

He really is that good. He can do a lot. Surrounded by top-class players, he will be given the platform he wanted to do in Manchester: win the title, and win the Champions League.

Now in his prime, there is little margin for error if he hopes to add some domestic trophies to his international glory, and every year spent at Old Trafford means another 12 months of frustration, accusations and all-rounders. Disrespect is being proven.

English First Division – ??????
European Cup – ???
League Cup – ???

“Grimm can show him the medals!” ?

#SkyFootballShow discusses Paul Pogba’s recent comments about Graeme Souness…

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) April 14, 2020

And should the Red Devils miss out on Champions League qualification for the 2020/21 season, Pogba’s decision could be a lot easier.

Of course, these are all just speculations.

But there is cause for concern for United supporters who hope to see their star midfielder in the red jersey after this season. 90 Minutes has learned that Juve have made Pogba their ‘top priority’ for the summer window, and have made it clear to their representatives that they are keen to join forces once again.

So it’s not just rumors and wishful thinking, after all.

Juventus want to bring Pogba back to Italy / Valerio Panicino/Getty Images

Sadly for United fans, while Pogba is still at the club, these voices of frustration and discontent may never end. The Red Devils must do everything in their power to tie their talisman to a long-term deal and build a team capable of competing at the very top of the Premier League.

But until they do, the old lady will lie in wait, ready to welcome her old son with open arms. Reunited, Juventus and Pogba are unstoppable.

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