Please, can we all just leave Mason Greenwood alone?

If you’ve been sick of Mason Greenwood’s complete and utter insults over the last week or so, you’re not alone.

At this stage, it’s pretty clear that the 18-year-old, along with one-time England team-mate Phil Foden, screwed up in Iceland. He admitted as much in a heartfelt apology issued through Manchester United’s official channels, and he deserves the internal consequences that will come his way.

Regardless of the fact that he’s still basically a kid, he’s been a professional footballer long enough that he should know better. But he will learn so much now, the story will end. Okay fine?

Gary Neville on Mason Greenwood media coverage: “I feel a little uncomfortable – at what point do we feel uncomfortable with things where you think someone is being victimized.” #Moleo [@footballdaily]

— utdreport (@utdreport) September 13, 2020

Well, no.

Some newspapers have been unable to leave him alone, and the reporting has drawn parallels to the Raheem Sterling witch hunt of a few years ago. They smell blood, and everything he does now – whether it’s turning up at training, leaving training or chatting with his manager – his mistakes are being picked up on.

Desperate attempts to justify the increasingly burgeoning agenda against another young, black footballer inevitably bore fruit. A tabloid shot a video of him taking gas laughing, and he’s held it up like a trophy ever since. A symbol of his undying service to the public’s right to know.

The media has found their new Raheem Sterling. We must protect Mason at all costs

– RiZzy? (@RiZzyUTD) September 12, 2020

The ‘story’ paints Greenwood as a ‘fresh’ mistake, apparently failing to learn from England’s dereliction of duty. The fact that the video was actually taken weeks ago, and therefore contradicts their entire narrative, is left for much later.

The controversy has been used as an excuse to drag his every move and put him under the microscope, usually with a worrisome attention to detail and a sardonic, patronizing tone. A piece of the ‘Hippie Crack’ story pointed out a female friend in attendance, who committed the heinous crime of wearing ripped jeans.

There was even a story about the fact that he failed to smile when he came to train at Carrington.

Comparing this to how Foden was treated is a very simple game of spot the difference. The Man City midfielder has been given a much softer touch, and although it’s still a little strange that the media are so interested in the 20-year-old’s off-field antics, there are claims that he tried to cheat on his team-mate. . The second time he was kept in the chamber till Sunday evening.

‘Look, we’re not racist, we’re criticizing the white man too.’

Greenwood’s insults are disguised as satirical, moral righteousness, and are being used as a further smokescreen to justify the fact that Foden is also called into question. Is. But anyone with a conscience and a brain can see what it is.

? “What is the purpose of the media? To do as much harm as you can?”

? “I hate the mentality of setting people up to knock them down.”

? “This is a by-product of journalism that is sloppy, lazy and full of jealousy.” @SJOpinion10 slams the media for its treatment of #MUFC’s Greenwood

— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) September 14, 2020

He’s made mistakes, sure, but dragging them into the headlines ten times a day is doing nothing but fueling hatred against a young man whose status and race make him vulnerable.

It’s not good, so let’s stop it, and give the kid a break before things get completely out of hand.

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