Premier League Golden Boot Winners – How Much Do You Know?

We here 90 minutes Love Premier League goals.

Whether it was Steve Froggatt hitting one from 25 yards back in the 90s, Nwanko Kanu effortlessly flicking the ball past Mark Schwarzer at the end of a century or Mohamed Salah tackling every player on the pitch before slotting home. Anyway, everyone gets juice. .

The other thing we love here is nostalgia – at least speaking for itself and reliving the glory days of the Premier League. Triangle nets, spoofing cuts and mustaches are sometimes the order of the day, but for the next few minutes, winning the Golden Boot is on the agenda.

Do you know them all? Think you know all the gory details? Then go, prove that you do – by breaking 90 minutesTrip down memory lane quiz.

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