Qatar manager Felix Sanchez addresses fan walkout at World Cup opener.

Qatar manager Felix Sanchez has praised the support of the fans during the home nation’s disastrous 2-0 defeat to Ecuador, despite many fans leaving before the final whistle.

The Qataris made their worst start to their home FIFA World Cup on Sunday evening, conceding two first-half goals to Ener Valencia and generally being played off the park.

While the official attendance for the game at the Albeit Stadium was over 57,000, many fans left before the start of the second half, and by the 80th minute mark it was clear that the ground was close to empty. to be full

Despite the large exodus of Qatari fans, manager Felix Sanchez praised the support, saying: “We felt the support and support and we hope that for the next match, people will feel proud and the end of the tournament The atmosphere was great, people were looking forward to the game.”

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Sanchez, however, lamented his team’s performance that day as they became the first host nation to lose their opening World Cup game: “There are no excuses, we want to congratulate our opponents, they deserved to win. were

“There’s a lot of room for improvement. Maybe responsibility and nerves got the best of us. We didn’t start well. It was actually a terrible start.

“We know [a defeat] Can happen and the result can be difficult at times. We will try to learn from today and I am sure we will make people happy with our performance.

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