Roy Keane blames Erik ten Hague for Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has claimed that Erik ten Hague’s management is largely to blame for Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from the club.

Ronaldo has now left United by mutual consent after heavily criticizing the club and manager in an interview with Piers Morgan on Talk TV.

The departure ultimately came as no surprise, as Ronaldo had asked to leave during the summer and was apparently not an integral part of Den Haag’s plans.

Things boiled over against Tottenham when the forward refused to come off the bench in the closing stages of the game and then walked down the Old Trafford tunnel before it was over.

While Kane, who has defended Ronaldo throughout the saga, suggests his former teammate leaving the club is best for all parties, he does not believe Ten Hague has handled the situation well.

“I don’t think it’s been a very good arrangement,” the former captain said on ITV. “I think it’s been a very difficult situation but I don’t think the manager came out of it [looking good].

“People might say he has put the marker down – part of the administration is looking after the top. [players]. You have to treat top, world-class players differently. The idea that you treat everyone the same, you don’t.

“I think it’s better for everyone. The club obviously don’t want the second half of the season to be dragged out, obviously Ronaldo has run out of patience. People say ‘Is his reputation at Manchester United tarnished?’ has happened?’ Far from it.”

As 90 Minutes revealed at the time, Ten Hague was ready to sanction Ronaldo’s exit in the summer and Kane admitted it might have been a better time to ask him to leave.

“He probably should have gone in the summer, but whether it was the player’s fault or the club’s, it was never going to happen,” he added.

“The new manager was never going to play him, you can’t have Ronaldo as a suit or a fringe player. It’s not right at all. It’s sad but these things happen.”

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