The Daily Blind was broken during a pre-season game for Ajax.

Former Manchester United defender Daley Blind collapsed in trouble during action for current club Ajax in a pre-season friendly on Tuesday night after his current heart device activated.

Blind, who spent four years at Old Trafford from 2014 to 2018, was diagnosed with inflammation of the heart muscle following an extensive medical examination in December 2019 when he complained of dizziness during a Champions League match between Ajax and Valencia. .

He was first diagnosed with blindness in December 2019 after feeling dizzy during a game.

The 30-year-old spent two months in recovery and had an implantable cardioverter defibrillator fitted to monitor and regulate his heart rate. Without the device, the irregular heart rhythm can be potentially dangerous and lead to a heart attack.

As Ajax faced Hertha Berlin in a pre-season game this week, Blind fell to the ground with his hands on his chest. He was treated on the pitch and was able to walk without assistance.

Speaking to Dutch broadcaster Zigo Sport afterwards, Ajax coach Erik ten Hag explained, “Daily Blind’s ICD went off. He went down straight away and now he’s feeling fine.”

Ten Hague also confirmed that the club’s medical experts will carry out tests to determine what happened.

A blind man was treated on the pitch after he collapsed but managed to get off on his own / BSR Agency / Getty Images

Speaking about his condition and ICD in February as he prepared to return to action after first being diagnosed, Blind told Ajax TV, “I’m not at all scared of what might happen. May or May. I focus on how I feel and feel good. If I let fear guide me, it won’t help.

“[The implant] Protection is just in case. In most cases this is never used, it is mainly a precaution. Everything happens under the skin rather than the heart.

“But if the need arises, I will be safe and that gives me peace of mind, but it’s a precautionary measure because I’m a professional athlete. That’s what the doctors decided and that’s what happened. are safer than ordinary people because of.”

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