Thomas Party explains the ‘Octopus’ nickname and why it’s good for arms.

New Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey has explained that he picked up his nickname ‘Octopus’ because of the way he plays, regularly winning the ball for his team.

Party, who earned the nickname from his team-mates during his loan spell at Almeria in 2014/15. He even has an octopus tattoo.

Arsenal trigger £45m release clause to buy Partey/DeFoddy Images/Getty Images

“I always say if I was an animal I’d be an octopus. They called me an octopus because I stole so many balls,” he was quoted as saying by the Telegraph in the first round of media interviews.

The party dad caused a shock wave earlier this week when he claimed he and his son were hoping to sign for a ‘bigger’ club than Arsenal, which could offer Champions League football. .

“We weren’t really worried about anything because we expected a big team to come. We were aware of that. [other teams that were interested]: Juventus, Chelsea and so on,” said Jacob Partey.

However, it was the party senior who also advised his son to have fun at a club that was not in the Champions League, but has the potential to be in the near future.

“What I saw was that he wanted to play where there is Champions League football but I advised him that he cannot go where there is no Champions League and to help them get into the Champions League?” Dad explained.

Thomas appears to have reassessed his priorities, having the right mindset to succeed at Arsenal and help take the club back to the next level. He is also keen to work with manager Mikel Arteta after the Spaniard and technical director Edo sold him his vision for the Gunners.

“I still have a lot to develop. I still have a lot to learn,” he said.

“[Arteta] It was very important. He and Edo told me about their plans and it was very exciting. I have to be quick and make sure I learn everything as quickly as I can. I am ready but I have to get used to the style of play before I play.”

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