Thomas Tuchel explains what Chelsea can expect from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has backed new striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to bring ‘pace, work rate and goals’ to his new employers.

The Gabon international, who is still unavailable for selection while he nurses a jaw injury, joined from Barcelona on deadline day at the behest of Tuchel, who has fond memories of their time together at Borussia Dortmund.

Unsurprisingly, Tuchel’s first press conference after the signing was largely dominated by questions about Aubameyang, and here’s what the boss had to say.

“Hopefully he can be that good again. We know exactly what we get with Oba and he was very anxious to get back to the Premier League. So glad we could make it happen.

“He scores goals wherever he plays but more importantly he provides pace and work rate on the ball so that’s a big package he can bring to our group. That’s why we Did that.”

“Right now he can’t train. We have to make sure he gets a mask to protect his jaw. Then we can start trying with the mask next week.”

“That was the only incident. [once in Dortmund]. It was not about time keeping but the rules we set between matches. He forgot this rule and went to his hairdresser. I think it was!

“Nothing big, never a big problem. He has a big problem with his time but he never misses a meeting or anything like that. But before that he has 60 minutes to get to training. The struggle is sometimes it’s 58 or 59 minutes. Anxiety

“He has a big heart, he is a high character. I knew him that way. I am 100 per cent sure he will fit into our dressing room. When he was my player he was always positive, never in training. Left, never injured, hopefully it stays that way. Happy in a good state of mind, influencing the group positively, that’s how I remember Oba, when I met him here in London I “How did he feel when he was playing for Arsenal? That’s what we expect from him.”

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“We hope so. Now it’s up to us to prove it and find a position and create enough support for him and him to finish our attacks and be strong, on the pitch.

“I’m not sure if he took number 9, I don’t know at the moment. [editor’s note: Aubameyang has taken the number 9 shirt]. If he did, I think he’s not afraid of the past and what the number means. He is ready to write his own history. If he dares to take a 9, he takes a 9.”

“Aoba is always happy to fight for something, to accept a challenge. The more challenges he has the better. If he wants to overcome the curse of No. 9 or show someone in London He’s better than people think, so much better. He’s ready for it and he’s happy.

“I know him as very focused and very open, very open-hearted and very happy to be on the pitch every day. That’s what we wanted. To have a very positive impact on any group. Ready for the challenge and he is. Happy to come on the pitch and score goals. That’s what we want.”

“I don’t know. I imagine everyone is happy that he’s now chosen the blue club over the red club. I think he’ll see very quickly using his momentum. What he is and what he’s about. Not just his pace. Scoring and being selfish but he’s very hardworking, he always has been. He’s the first line of pressing, very strong in counter-pressing. He’s up to the task. Ready for, that’s what makes him special at Dortmund when he worked for me, that made him. Arsenal captain he lifted some trophies there.

“Just to put it down to last season when things got tough, I can’t judge it. It’s rare in these situations that it’s one person’s problem. It is what it is. I’m there to judge. I am not because it is not my job. I can only tell you how I met the Oba and how he was to me, how I met him as a person. I believe he did what he did. He did at any club. He scored goals and won titles, he has a winning mentality and positivity. A huge influence in the group.”

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