What Lisandro Martinez said to Scott McTominay after winning the World Cup

Scott McTominay has revealed he received a text from Manchester United team-mate Lesandro Martinez shortly after winning the World Cup.

Martinez won soccer’s biggest prize on Sunday, as Argentina defeated France on penalties in a thrilling final.

The defender did not feature in the match but played his part in their victory, appearing in five of their seven matches and starting two of them.

He now returns to Man Utd and, according to what he told McTominay, is just as hungry for success despite already winning the biggest trophy.

“I messaged Lisandro the other day and congratulated him and he said: ‘Here we go for the next one'”, Scott said during a fan conference in Carrington.

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“He’s just won the World Cup, that shows the mentality in the group.”

Martinez has won more trophies than his club in recent times, with Man Utd not winning one since winning the Europa League in 2017.

McTominay did not feature this campaign and so has never won a senior trophy himself, but is confident he can make a difference at the helm with Erik ten Hague.

“Success will always win trophies and that is the most important thing at this football club,” he said.

“With the manager we’ve got now, we’ve got a great opportunity to start that journey, especially this year.

“We’ve got a great opportunity to impose ourselves and really push forward. I feel like this is the year we can go for it and all the coaches in the squad have strongly reiterated that. They strongly believe in it.”

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