Why was Real Madrid not part of the joint statement against the Negrera case?

Real Madrid were one of two La Liga sides to refuse to contribute to a joint statement against Barcelona and the Negrera case.

Historic payments to a former referee chief in Spain have accused Barcelona of unfair advantage over the rest of La Liga, with 17 of the division’s 20 teams issuing a statement expressing their concern.

Barcelona were clearly not part of it, with both Real Madrid and Valencia also not involved in the talks.

According to Marca, Real’s absence from the statement released by La Liga’s delegate commission is easy to explain – Los Blancos aren’t part of the group in the first place.

Real has no representative in the Delegate Commission and was therefore not part of the planning of the statement.

Further reports from Sport indicated that Real later refused to add their name to the statement as they were not responsible for any contribution to it.

La Liga has so far refused to open its own investigation into Barcelona’s conduct, instead allowing the prosecutor’s office to continue its work on the Barsgate scandal to avoid compromising the case.

However, league president Javier Tebas has warned that Barcelona could face severe sporting penalties if they breach the rules.

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