Zinedine Zidane reveals when he may stop coaching

Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane has warned he will not commit his future to another 20-year management.

The 1998 Ballon d’Or winner returned for his second spell as Real Madrid manager in March 2019 after leading the club to three successive Champions League titles.

Zidane’s side are locked in a tight La Liga title race with arch-rivals Barcelona this season. However, in a press conference ahead of Real Madrid’s clash with Espanyol on Sunday, Zidane revealed that he has been challenged by management after less than five years as first-team coach.

Zidane spent a season and a half as manager of Real Madrid’s B team before taking over the top job in January 2016/Socrate Images/Getty Images

The legendary Frenchman explained, as quoted by Marca: “I was a better footballer than a coach. But there were better footballers, although I’m happy with what I did, but that’s what will happen to me.

“I haven’t been going to coach for 20 years; I don’t know how many. [I will coach for]. I don’t plan anything, what motivates me is day to day. Then I will do other things. In my mind I have always been a footballer. I played for 18 or 19 years and when they asked me if I was going to coach, I said no. In the end I was, but it wears you down.

“I’m lucky to be able to be here at this club and this coach, although I don’t like the word luck too much because in life you have to believe in yourself and enjoy yourself, as long as I don’t care. be

“But as far as the players are concerned, I’m lucky to be able to have the best coaching, because I’m at the best club in the world, I’m enjoying the matches and also the training sessions, because there it’s the best. The best.”

However, Zidane added that he is happy in his current role.

Zidane approaches his second La Liga title as manager of Real Madrid/Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

“No one should interpret my words.

“The fact is I’m in the best team in the world and I’m fine. I’m in it every day, here, when I lose a match I get criticized, and that doesn’t change anything. Now us.” We are winning, but we have gained nothing. I tell the players to keep going, because it’s going to make a difference. We only focus on what we can control.

“My future here is the least of my worries.”

Zidane’s Los Blancos can move two points clear at the top of La Liga if they beat Espanyol on Sunday night, after Barcelona drew 2-2 at Celta Vigo on Saturday.

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